Another cheers this week goes out to Chris Miller, who passed his entrance test and joined the Level 2 class a few short weeks ago. Chris is already a great part of the group and we look forward to training with him (although we may have to come up with a code to differentiate between the growing population of Chris’s in Level 2!). Be sure to congratulate Chris when you see him at the gym! Read on to find out a little more about him and his motivation for challenging the test and joining the advanced class.

Name: Chris Miller
Occupation: Sales
Background: In high school I was pretty active, I ran with the high school cross-country team and was rock climbing several nights a week. When I started university I didn’t have a lot of time to spend exercising and by the end of my degree I had stopped exercising completely. While in university, I focused so much on my studies that I gained 40 lbs and I needed a way to get back into shape. I found Kwest in August of 2011 after finishing a Fine Arts Honours degree at the U of M, and one year later I still weigh 220 but I am in way better shape.

Reason For Going to Level 2 (advanced class):  I really enjoy the level 1 conditioning classes and I am really interested in the technical aspect of Muay Thai, so I have worked hard with the goal of making it into Level 2. My long term goals are to train hard so I can get back into climbing shape and further challenge myself by competing in Muay Thai matches.

Kru’s Comment: Chris is a welcome addition to our level 2 classes, not only because of his respectful nature and work ethic but also because he stands 6’ 3” and will give our bigger guys a challenge when he gets more experience!

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