The most common question we get besides “I’ve never taken Muay Thai or Boot Camps before, am I going to die because it’s too hard?” is regarding mobility of the hips. “Do you have any exercises for loosening tight hips?”

We recommend “Tactical Frog” as the first step for Boot Camp and Kickboxing students who want to feel some immediate results. The benefits of mobility, which to a large degree involves flexibility, are useful for all ages (and the aging process) and especially for athletes.

To ADD to this video I find that placing a folded towel under each knee on a hard surfaced floor is very helpful in allowing the legs slide easier and stretch further without complication. Also, micro movements back and forth while at the maximum backward range helps loosen the muscles quicker.

And just incase you’re wondering our classes are progressive conditioning so no matter what fitness level you are you’ll make it through.

Kwest Kickboxing Muay Thai and Fitness Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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