Hello Kwesters! We know it’s been awhile since we’ve posted and quite frankly, things have been a little crazy. But we wanted to get back in the swing of things here with a few screen shots of our fighters in our recent event, Rumble at the R.O.C.C. 3. We had a great event, perhaps our best yet, with first-rate performances, a good crowd and an amazing group of volunteers who have really become a well-oiled machine – they blew us away with their hard work and efficiency.

An equally big thank you must also be said to all of you who came out to support the fighters and our club – you may not realize it, but without the support of our membership base  attending these events, the costs of putting on fight cards would be too prohibitive and we would not be able to provide our fighters and fighters from other clubs with the opportunity to achieve their dream of fighting in the ring. So from all of the fighters and from Kru Kelly and the rest of the Kwest staff, thank you for making this possible. Your continued support is invaluable to keeping these opportunities happening for those who love to compete and those who dream of pushing themselves to that point even once.

Enjoy a few shots of our fighters at last month’s event – congrats to all of the fighters!

Joscelyn Bailey; exhibition fight

Kara Westerlund; win, unanimous decision

Holli Moncrieff; loss, unanimous decision

Jennifer Willis; win, unanimous decision

Jordan Long; exhibition fight

George Davis; loss, split decision

Wayne Pokornik; win, split decision

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