There’s been a lot of talk about goals around the Kwest gym these days. If you’re like me, fall usually seems more like a “new year” than January does. Nature is slowly winding down, kids go back to school, university students go back to or start classes and summer vacations and all of the indulgences that come along with them are over and it’s time to focus and re-evaluate and for many of us – set new goals.

So rather than wait for the dead of winter to make a New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to suggest that September 1 be New Year’s this year! What are your goals for the coming months? What would you like to accomplish, in and out of the gym? In last Wednesday’s Level 2 class, Kru Jocelyn had everyone write down a goal or goals on an index card, and then follow that by writing down how we were going to accomplish those goals. I would highly suggest doing something like this yourself. Write it down and see it in front of you in black and white – whether it’s mastering skipping for the first time since you were 12, finally conquering the heel pivot in your kick, improving your flexibility (like mine, above!) or taking an armband or Level 2 test, having something to work toward – big or small – is invaluable in motivating you day after day to make choices that will help you reach those goals. Tape the card to your mirror, your computer monitor, your dash board or maybe even your fridge ; ) and watch yourself succeed. If you want to share, we’d love to hear about your goals.

So, Happy “New” New Year to you – and may you all see your goals come true!

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