Muay Thai is called the science of 8 limbs, known for it’s brutal elegance and deceptive simplicity. Practical and powerful attacks this is why Muay Thai is the predominant striking tool in MMA.

Even though it is practical there are many subtle nuances to the techniques – elbows, knee’s, teeps, and kicks – they all may look the same to the untrained eye but there are many variations of each type of strike. For example, the Muay Thai kick, not just a simple manoeuvre, there are many types of kicks not to mention setups for each – the moving kick, neck kick, semi knee kick, the low kick, middle kick etc.. A simple quick change in the direction of the shin bone, height of the kick, angle of the leg, or the distance from which the striker wants to throw the kick creates a weapon used for a special purpose.

For example Paul MinHas who has trained fighter’s such as Joseph Valtellini and Gary Goodridge has 7 variations of the low kick alone. Here is Paul working with 2 of his students.

Kwest Kickboxing Muay Thai and Fitness Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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