Fundamentals – Muay Thai is the first step

  • Non-contact drills
  • No sparring

At our club, Fundamentals – Muay Thai marks the first step for all new students.  Most students will do 2-3 classes here before branching out into other classes. This essential class is a prerequisite for:

  1. Muay Fitness
  2. Boxing
  3. Muay Technique
  4. Sparring classes

The primary focus of this class is to prepare you for our more challenging classes while ensuring your safety and familiarity with our system. Rest assured, Fundamentals  Muay Thai is a non-contact class, providing you with a secure environment to grasp the essence of our techniques and principles.

A Typical Class Will Consist of:

  • A short warm up
  • A review of technique
  • Working with Thai pads
  • Learning our system

Muay Thai Technique

  • Controlled contact drills

Muay Thai Technique plays a vital role in refining techniques and introducing controlled light contact. Through skill-building drills, students elevate their Muay Thai footwork, strikes, and defense in realistic training without full intensity.

Physical conditioning is emphasized, enhancing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Partner drills improve timing and coordination, complementing technique development.

Technical sparring introduces students to dynamic, limited-contact sessions, bridging the gap between skill building and full-contact sparring. This prepares students further while prioritizing safety and respect to create a positive and conducive learning environment.

Muay Thai Competitor 

  • Competitors only
  • Sparring and clinching

This level of training is exclusively designed for active Muay Thai competitors and is accessible by invitation only.