Alright, all you Kwesters out there – we’ve got a job to do! This morning Kru Kelly, Jordan (cornerman) and Wayne’s wife Charleen loaded up one of Kwest’s fighters – Wayne Pokornik – and headed out to Calgary, AB to participate in an event there. Tomorrow is the big night, which will see Wayne fighting in his second amateur fight.

On the heels of that win, Wayne’s fighting fire was lit and tomorrow night’s fight has been a long time coming! After the cancellation of his scheduled December 3, 2010 fight, Wayne has been even more anxious than ever to climb back in the ring and this already unstoppable training force amped it up even more. With cardio second to none, unshakable composure and most of all an unrelenting, unwavering, unstoppable desire to get in the ring and fight any one, any time, Wayne is going to be a force to be reckoned with come tomorrow night.

So let’s do our part and get behind our fighter! Get on Facebook and show some love, comment on this post by clicking “read more” below, send tweets, make phone calls or just go outside and yell from your front step! However you can do it, make some noise for Wayne as he proudly represents you and your club in Calgary this Friday! Go Wayne Go!

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