Our Kids’ Martial Arts program runs 9 -12 months of the year for kids ages 4 – 12 years (13+ will be put in our adult Fundamentals classes). We offer affordable pricing and an enthusiastic training staff. Our primary goals are to help foster leadership and skills, and at the same time get your child in good physical condition while learning practical methods of self defense. 2 – 5 instructors will be present at all times to help students learn and grow. We would love to have your child experience our program!

4 – 5 Year Old Firebacks

Based on Muay Thai fundamentals, watch your child develop their physical abilities, fitness and mental focus all while making new friends, learning valuable skills and having fun. The maximum age is 5 years old but children aged 6 may be considered for the program after an initial consultation with your and individual circumstances.

6 – 12 Year Old Firebacks

By instilling leaderships skills and pride, we help your child learn Muay Thai and gain self confidence.  The curriculum itself is broad based and covers all aspects of Muay Thai: pad work, light sparring, bag work, and clinching will be conducted regularly.  Kids will be asked to engage in repetitive drills to increase mental focus and refine technique. Mobility, strength, and flexibility will also be emphasized in this level.

13 – 17 Year Old Young Adults

Young adults will be placed in our Fundamentals classes schedule until they are ready to train in the adult classes. Kids will train in these classes and be brought up through the mentorship of our staff until they have acquired the skills to safely participate in the adult classes. We also allow parents or guardians to work in the adult classes with the young adult.

Equipment & Uniform

We carry equipment and clothing for kids at various price points. From budget-friendly to top-of-the line equipment – our front line staff will be happy to help you find the right fit for your child!

  • Gloves, Mouth Guard, Shin Pads
  • Students are not officially accepted into the program until the waiver and questionnaire are filled out
  • Club Uniform – Kwest Fireback T-shirt. Muay Thai Shorts are a requirement but it doesn’t have to be our brand.