Watched a great K1 fight a couple days ago between Daniel “The Savage Samurai” Ghita (a secret service agent and apparently the first Romanian K1 kickboxer) and Gokhan “The Rebel” Saki (the first ever Turkish-Dutch fighter to hold a K-1 tournament title).

The level of technique and conditioning in this fight is a pleasure to watch. Both fighters execute a huge variety of skills, combos and techniques that both our Level 1 and Level 2 classes should recognize as exactly how Kru Kelly and Kru Joscelyn are constantly telling us it should be done. With UFC being the “mainstream” and televised version of kickboxing that most of us see on a more regular basis, a fight like this is thrilling in it’s technique-based style.

You can check out all three rounds, plus the extension round, below. Things of note: Check out Saki’s high kicks. He effortlessly kicks the 6’5″ Ghita in the head many times, and even kicks over the head at one point. His speed is unbelievable and he shows an amazing variety of combos. Note also Ghita’s low/mid kicks – he’s known for these devastating monsters. Notice how red the side of Saki’s body is already in the first round after several mid kicks.


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