We’re kicking off the week here with some great video to share with you. Human Weapon is a tv show that aired on the History Channel where the two hosts traveled the world researching and training in different martial arts. At the completion of their training, the hosts would actually compete against a trained master in that martial art. We all have our doubts about reality tv, and it’s no secret that most of the time the “reality” is pretty staged but having seen several different episodes of this show, it seems pretty honest – these guys appear to under go some genuinely intense training and don’t get as much mercy from the masters as you might expect when competing. So if you have some spare time to sit back and watch, these videos are definitely worth your time. If you want better quality and the ability to watch this in it’s full glory on your tv, you can purchase the full season 1 dvd or bluray on amazon.

Part 1 of the MuayThai episode is embeded below. See parts 2 – 6 by clicking “Read More”. Enjoy!

(Thank you to Markus for reminding us of this series and suggesting this as a post!)

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