For some fighters, once you’ve been bitten by the “fight bug” there’s no stopping it. Kwest fighter Wayne Pokornik is on his way to Calgary once again to represent Kwest this coming weekend, this time in a Muay Thai tournament. This means he could possibly have multiple fights over the weekend and if you know Wayne, you know nothing would make him happier.

Jumping in the car and heading to Calgary every couple months has it’s downsides and that comes in the way of costs – in this tournament style of event the promoter does not pay the fighters’ gas or accommodations costs. So to help Wayne out, we are selling sponsorship keychains for $10. This way, you can wear your MuayThai love on your key ring, and we can pass along some funds to Wayne to help him continue to represent us in fights around the country. And don’t worry – the photo below is just one example, so if pink’s not your thing we’ve got lots of other colours to choose from.

Check out the key chains at the gym and remember that you can also show your support for Wayne with a blog or Facebook comments or by giving him a high five, a wave or a “good luck” when you see him training this week.

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