This article is one of hundreds that debunks one of the most seriously inaccurate perceptions of women lifting heavy weights – Bulking Up.

It’s true that if you start lifting weights you will put on muscle and in most cases you’ll see your weight increase slightly in the first 1 – 3 months because you may still be carrying some of the fat stores on top of the new muscle. This is even true for Kickboxing & Muay Thai students because bodyweight exercises such as squats help tone you up. However, after you’ve toned up a bit you’ll start to burn more calories during a workout which leads to another scientifically proven fact – muscle burns more calories than fat.

In our experience most people, especially females see the best results from consistent training and a good diet at about the 6 – 9 month range. This could be less for some and more for others, there are a lot of factors involved.

So whether you are male or female having muscle tone is good for living a active, strong, and healthy lifestyle.

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