Holli Moncrieff came to train at Kwest a few years ago already, but long before that Kru Kelly and Holli trained at another gym together. This gym no longer exists and many of those who trained and taught there no longer keep in touch, so Kru Kelly is always excited when old friends and training partners from those days appear and needless to say he was pleased and honoured to have Holli join his club when she decided to continue her training.

Over the past several months, Holli has been working very hard to achieve the first step in a set of goals she has set for herself – the red prajioud test. With the help of Kru Kelly, support from one of our fighters Wayne Pokornik, and the cheering on of many Kwesters like good “gym buddy” Nicole, Holli achieved this goal recently and this Monday was awarded her red prajioud – congratulations, Holli! You can read all about Holli’s experience in receiving her armband right here on her blog.

There is nothing like a goal to drive your training and really take you to the next level. Even if you are not interested in competing and/or attending Level 2 this type of test can help you to push yourself like you never have before and discover your potential, build your confidence and give you a sense of achievment and fufilment that your training may be missing. If you are interested in taking the red prajioud test, the Level 2 entrance test or setting some other form of goals for yourself, please contact us and we would be more than thrilled to help you take that next step so that you, like Holli, can see just want you are really made of.

Image via A Life Less Ordinary

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