Here’s another perspective on Fight Camp and stepping into the ring, this time from fighter James Vargscarr:

Q. Why should I apply for fight camp?

A. Fighting competitively makes you relate to Muay Thai in a completely different way. The sport becomes a lifestyle for the duration of the fight camp, so the training impacts your life on a new level. You learn and grow as a fighter, but you also learn and grow as a person. It’s a life experience.

Q. Whats your favourite fight camp memory?

A. Definitely all the sparring. The training days when we’d do nothing but spar, each going a few rounds, then sitting out and watching; critiquing each others’ technique.

Q. Now that you are on the ‘other side’ of a fight camp(s)…would you do it again?

A. Absolutely. I’ve done a few now, and there’s still a lot more I’d like to achieve. But fight camps take a toll on your body and they can be mentally exhausting, so before every application I have to ask myself if the timing is right. You have to be ready to make the commitment to training and go in with your eyes open.

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