Follow the members of Fall 2011 Fight Camp as they work toward the ultimate goal – the ring!

Week 2 – Jennifer Willis

I started with Kwest about 4 – 5 years ago and I have developed a great love for kickboxing.

I can still remember my first class. I never felt so awkward in my life. I was sure I was never going to get this right: kick your leg, pivot your foot, up on your toes, turn your hip over, arm down by your side, other hand up to your face …  wow, how can anyone be expected to remember all of that?! It amazed me how people could do this without falling flat on their faces. After a lot of persistence and a lot of help from the instructors I finally got it. I was thrilled. Now, throw a punch in there … WHAT!!??

We are done our 2nd week of Fight Camp and it is tough and it is tiring, but at the end of the day we all walk out with a smile on our face. We are doing something we love to do. This is my third fight camp and there are so many great things about being part of a group like this.

Firstly, you really get to know your team mates. There is a special bond that forms when you train together and work towards a goal.

There is a feeling of relief when you realize other people are just as sore as you are. You are not alone. We encourage each other to push just a little bit more every day, getting physically and mentally stronger. At the end of the day you smile. You really accomplished something and you are thankful for the people who helped you through it.

The best thing about Fight Camp is the passing along of knowledge. We are all at different skill levels but everyone has something to offer. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. Building up the strengths and helping with the weaknesses is what it is all about and we are thankful for the vast amount of knowledge available to us.

Fight Camp is a long, hard road but it is a worthwhile trip.

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