Dynamic weight training and mobility exercises are important for MuayThai, MMA, or Kickboxing training. “Sparring yourself into shape” is a great way to learn and condition your body but you need to do strength and mobility training too. Think of it like this, if you only did push ups and squats day-in-and-day-out you’d be very good at them and strong in certain movements. However, limiting your training this way will cause muscle imbalances and possible restrictions in range of movement.

Things such as “Thrusters” which are not exactly a sport specific exercise in Muaythai but help improve people’s over all strength and they can leave you lying on the floor, completely exhausted. Another benefit of these types of exercises, being brought to exhaustion has a lot benefits mentally for competition or self defence.

If you would like to experience a great challenge try doing the FRAN workout. 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters and Pull ups, do all those reps as quickly and safely as possible.

Kwest Kickboxing Muay Thai and Fitness Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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