Happy Friday, Kwesters! Today we start a short series of blog posts answering the question many of you may have asked your selves when seeing our fighters training day in and day out for various Fight Camps – WHY on earth would they want to do that to themselves??

We asked past Fight Campers to share with us their reasons for doing Fight Camp, what they loved about it and now that they’ve done it whether they would do it again. We’re already planning our next fight night this fall and we’d love to hear from you if this is something you may be interested in doing. Maybe in the back of YOUR mind you’ve been wondering, “Could I do Fight Camp? Should I apply?” If so, let this be some motivation to you – YES you can and YES you should! Even if it’s not the right time for you or something you are interested in for the future, check out what our first fighter has to say:


Q: Why should I apply for fight camp?

A: When you go through a fight camp, you will improve your skills by leaps and bounds, all while getting into the best shape if your life. The best part though, is the fight at the end of it all!

Q. What is your favorite fight memory?

A. Stepping into the ring for the first time.

Q. Now that you are on the ‘other side’ of a fight camp(s)…would you do it again?”

A. I would most definitely do it again! I never want it to stop.

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