Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are as excited about 2011 as we are.

We’re jumping back in the ring around here with some more great shots from our last fight night. Marliese Friesen is one of Kru Kelly’s “oldest” students – she has been training with Kwest since before we were Kwest! Marliese has been working hard for the last several years finishing her degree, but this fall she was able to make some time to really commit to her training and compete in the ring in her first exhibition match. Through out the eight week fight camp, Marliese pushed through and developed her physical and mental toughness to become the fighter that she has been waiting to become these past six years. Great work, Marliese – Kru Kelly is lucky to have such a dedicated, long-time student and was very proud to see you compete with such skill and grace. It’s safe to say that Marliese wins for the biggest victory smile! See the proof below.

All photos courtesy of Colin Epp – thank you, Colin!

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