Happy Wednesday, folks! Up today are photos of our third and final exhibition match from December’s fights featuring Joseph Stephenson.

If you’re a Kwester, then chances are pretty good that you know Joe. Joe is faithfully at the gym almost every single day, either working or training. Joe does both with a smile, a good attitude and a healthy amount of joking around and this results in him unofficially being the “little brother” of pretty much every one of our staff. For this fight, Joe stepped up to the plate only about 3 weeks before Fight Night. Focusing on going back to school this fall, Joe had decided not to compete but dove back into the mix at the last minute to round out the fight card. Kru Kelly can tell you about just how tough a short notice fight can be, but Joe approached the challenge with characteristic drive and willingness. Even catching a cold right before the fight didn’t get this dedicated fighter down. Joe put his all into every round (even the longer-than-intended first round!) and it shows in the photos above and below. Great job, Joe – everyone at Kwest was proud to see you give it your all and look forward to your next fight.

All photos courtesy of Colin Epp – thank you, Colin!

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