Up today is our last round of Rumble photos, featuring Jordan Long. When the night’s scheduled main event
got canceled due to medical reasons, Jordan and his opponent got catapulted into the main event slot, and boy
did they deliver. Jordan has been training with Kwest for several years but due to taking his nursing degree,
never had the time to devote to his training until now – and the wait paid off. Pushing himself hard all fight camp
(with I believe the largest weight drop of our fighters!) Jordan’s hard work came through for him as his opponent
tired and showed that, as Kru Kelly likes to say, conditioning really is a fighter’s strongest weapon. As the Captain
of this Fight Camp, Jordan set a great example for the other fighters with his work ethic and never-ending positivity
and was a big help to Kru Kelly in the day-to-day running of the Camp.  Great job on your first amateur fight, Jordan –
we look forward to seeing you do it again.

[ed: don’t miss Kru Kelly’s comments below by clicking on ‘read more’ – thanks Kru Kelly for adding your insights and perspective]

All photos courtesy of Colin Epp – thank you, Colin!

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