Happy Friday, Kwesters! We hope you’ve all had a great week. There’ve been some hard classes and a serious cold snap but overall we think it’s been a great week. We were so pleased and excited at the GREAT turnout of Level 1’s to try Level 2 this week that Kru Kelly has extended the invitation to apply to the entire month of March! So those of you who came out this week, thank you for taking that step and giving it a shot, whether you plan to keep it up or not. We hope that you will give it at least a few more classes. For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, Level 2 is a great way to take your training to the next level! If you’ve been attending Level 1 for awhile now, give Level 2 a shot. You’ll see what it feels like to not only use your physical energy and stamina, but to get your brain involved as well. Having to think, react and be aware is a great workout and clears your mind like nothing else. Come try it for yourself anytime this month. Mondays focus more on technique and drills, while Wednesday’s focus is a bit more to conditioning.

And to finish off regular classes this week, don’t miss Fun Friday. We’ve got 15 – 20 minutes of hard-core-core work lined up for you, followed by a chance to practice what you worked on this week (like the footwork drills last night!) in free format.

And finally for some inspiration…check out this video of one of the best MuayThai fighters in the world, Buakaw Por Pramuk, and the many incarnations of his devastating kicks.

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