We at Kwest headquarters had a great time this weekend as we headed to Calgary for the Black Eye MuayThai Gala, where Kwest fighter Wayne Pokornik was stepping into the ring against Calgary fighter Conrad Corbiere. Arguably his best fight yet, this 3-round slug-fest saw Wayne battling it out with big punches and mighty kicks that left him with two of his favourite things – a black eye from a strong right, and a medal for leaving the ring victorious. A majority decision put another “W” on Wayne’s record and made for a good start to what would be a great night of fights. Black Eye MuayThai Gala featured outstanding fighters from Canada, the United States and England and ended with the awarding of the WKL North American Womens Full Muay Thai Rules Title to Nicci Soutiere of Team Miles. All in all, a pretty great way to spend a Saturday night and we can’t wait to do it again.

Congratulations to Wayne, who rocks a black eye with a smile and some new hardware around his neck this week – you can find interviews with Wayne here, here and here and for even more fun you can follow him on Twitter right here.

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