Jen will be checking in twice per week with updates on her 50 day MuayThai challenge. Follow her posts to join Jen on her journey and cheer her on along the way!

Saturday April 9 Saturday morning I rolled out of bed bright and early to take in a couple hours on diet/nutrition with the fight camp group. A dietician came in to our club and talked about nutrition and helped me get a better understanding of how long prior and post workouts we should be eating and what we should be consuming to get a maximum benefit out of my workouts and lots of other fun food facts. Learning to eat properly was one of the things I really wanted to get out of this challenge. I already eat fairly well but I don’t necessarily eat right, I love food and I do like to indulge in a cheat day. I’ve been finding with the amount of exercise I’ve been putting in that I’m starving all the time so I’m eating every 1-2 hours throughout the day. For me, often by the time I’m home from class and I’m ready to sit down and eat supper its 9-10pm and I learnt that it’s ok to eat late as long as it’s not snack foods. Hoping to be able to incorporate some of my new food awareness into my every day routines, keeping in mind that this will change again once I’m not in the gym daily.

Saturday I also participated in my first boxing class! It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, I think I sort of went into the class thinking it was gonna be fairly easy to get through being that there wasn’t any kicks involved. I was mistaken. It was a ton of cardio followed by a lot of me getting punched in the face (for my first time ever)! It was very interested though, and everything that we learn in muaythai is just a little bit different when boxing. It was a brand new instructor for me on Saturday and found him to be very motivating and offered me a lot of help, but he was strict about breaks and kept me working hard through the whole class. This class left my upper back and arms in a sore state. It was fun and I’m excited for boxing class #2 this Saturday.

Monday April 11 Double class tonight! Grant is back in action and lead us through his famous stamina Monday drills! I truly believe his goal is to kill us or at least bring us as close to that point as he can, it’s hard times, but fun to see if I can make it through. I’m always completely wiped when it’s over, but I do always make it through and that’s such an awesome feeling. Following this class I participated in the Level 2. I really liked the drills in this class and I’m getting a bit better, but I still feel like my inexperience shows most of the time and I’m self conscious of my lack of skills. It’s one thing to be able to work through the basic Level 1 combos and strike with proper technique and power, but in level 2 its difficult to incorporate every I’ve learnt while my partners are coming at me with so much more experience. These drills require a lot more concentration and I find that I’m both physically and mentally exhausted after this class… and bruised, so many bruises. I’m learning so many new things and I love that, but it’s very tiring to keep my brain engaged for the duration of class.

Tuesday April 12 This morning I was up at 6:00am to hit the pavement for my first outdoor 3 mile run of the year and it felt amazing! I love to get out early before all the hustle and bustle of the morning commute starts. It’s my “me time” with only my thoughts and the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement on the empty streets. Early morning is a beautiful time of day and a outdoor run is such great way to start the day. Only downside is I’m not run ready just yet and its effects set in about midday and my kickboxing class suffered a bit, I felt like I had to really push myself tonight. Drills were long and hard and my legs felt heavier than usual. I suppose I will need to get a few more runs in before it becomes routine for my muscles again.

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