Jen will be checking in twice per week with updates on her 50 day MuayThai challenge. Follow her posts to join Jen on her journey and cheer her on along the way!

Monday March 7 Today I was feeling so anxious about class and the week ahead. I really started questioning this challenge, “This is crazy, why am I doing this to myself?” I was defeated before I even got to the gym. Of course we all have days like this but it was still very discouraging for me. My performance in class was weak and I wasn’t able to get past the mental toughness of the dreaded stamina Monday. I had already given in to my brain quitting before I got there. But seriously, enough with the alternating knees, Grant, I’m over it. 🙂  I did make it through the workout but it was painful. Even when I’m not going to class every day I have “off” classes where it’s so hard to get myself into the gym, and if I wasn’t committed to the challenge, today would have been a day I opted out and went straight home for a little R&R. Sometimes the hardest part actually is showing up.

Tuesday March 8 Alright, I’m back! The discouraged feelings I had yesterday are behind me, a day late but I’m finally ready to rock this week. Today was a solid class for me, my strength was up, my technique felt good and my strikes were powerful again. I’ve really starting to see some significant improvement in my cardio in the last couple weeks. My skipping tonight felt great, my shoulders usually start to get fatigued after a few minutes of skipping, but today I was able to keep a solid rope pace through all 5 rounds. I felt like I could have skipped for a while longer. Progress feels so good and keeps me motivated. I’m excited to see my next breakthrough.

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