Jen will be checking in twice per week with updates on her 50 day MuayThai challenge. Follow her posts to join Jen on her journey and cheer her on along the way!

Wednesday March 2 I participated in my first Level 2 conditioning class tonight with Jocelyn. He was really great at keeping the class motivated, working hard and engaged in the workout. I felt there was an underlying tone to this class to work my hardest and the respect the level 2’s have for the class was apparent. What a warm up! There was A LOT of cardio exercise in the beginning which had my legs really feeling the burn and the second half of the class was spent working on push kicks with a partner. It was interesting to get a different instructors take on things and I think with more attendance in the level 2 classes my skills are definitely gonna evolve quickly. What an awesome class!

Thursday March 3 Some days you have it, and some days you don’t… This class for me was one where I didn’t have it, my muscles were completely blasted from yesterdays conditioning class. I tried to keep up but I was feeling sluggish and sore the whole way through (sigh).  I guess this is gonna happen from time to time while I’m attending classes day in and day out. I’m hoping my body will find its rhythm soon and be more accepting of all the work I’m putting it through. Early to bed tonight.

Friday March 4 TGIFF! (Thank Goodness It’s Finally Friday) I’m starting to wrap my head around the preparations I need to make every day to get myself to class. I need to make sure my gym bag is packed, my meals are planned and my body has had enough rest to sustain the workouts at the end of each day. I’ve started waking up a half hour earlier to make sure I have good lunches and snacks packed to take for the day. It took a couple weeks but the routine is finally starting to come together nicely… Bring it week 3, I’m ready for whatever you’ve got!

I also want to make a quick mention of all of you, the support from everyone has been truly astounding, I can’t believe all the positive response I’ve been getting. So thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement, for the interest in following me on my challenge and especially to the partners/instructors I’ve had pushing me every day at the gym. You guys are unbelievable!

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