Jen will be checking in twice per week with updates on her 50 day MuayThai challenge. Follow her posts to join Jen on her journey and cheer her on along the way!

Wednesday March 16 Ice the shins – hardest day I’ve had so far without question, these kicks are really wearing me down. It’s very tough coming to class every day knowing that all I will do is kick. Kelly had warned me that this week was going to be a mental challenge and he was so right. My mental stamina is wearing thin but also my body is without a doubt tired and ready for a rest and its only Wednesday (long sigh). I trained with Kelly tonight and he pushed me hard and critiqued almost every kick. I was fading early on and he knew it, but he kept me going and I worked through it one kick at a time. 1600 more to go!

Thursday March 17 Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I’m starting to see the light at the end of this kicking tunnel. I made it through another grueling 800 kicks! I worked mostly on the bag tonight, but it was still a good class. The bag doesn’t keep me motivated so it was a little tough keeping myself going. I’m looking very forward to the end of tomorrows class. My ankles, knees and hips are creaking.  Only 800 kicks left…

Friday March 18 This morning I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise. Someone had broke into my car last night and stole all my kickboxing gear among many other things. What a low blow. I bet those car bandits would have thought twice about busting into my car if they’d been reading this blog! : ) But even though this happened I’m still very excited for today and happy that this week is coming to a close. I feel like my kicks have improved SO much in such a short time. Kelly has been working with me non-stop on my technique and with his encouragement, constant critiquing and many kicks later I’m developing a very solid kick. I still have to be mindful of every part of the kick and believe it or not, every tip he gives (pivot the foot, turn the shoulders, get up on the toes… etc, we’ve all heard it before) really does help. I can feel more power in my kicks and my improvements are visible, even in my switch-kick. I can’t believe I made it through this week alive – BOOM, it wasn’t easy to get through.

{Ed note: Watch for a video of Jen’s last 55 kicks posting after tonight’s class – we’re going to see the final result of 4,000 kicks! }

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