Fitness Muay Thai

FMT classes are fast-paced, fun, and designed to burn calories and get you in shape while learning and utilizing real muay thai technique. FMT is low contact and high energy, and a valuable training experience whether your goals are to advance in muay thai or just improve your fitness level. More description....

Intermediate and Competitive Muay Thai

For students looking to compete or simply wanting to get a deeper experience in Muay Thai, the Intermediate Muay Thai and Fighter classes feature technical drills, sparring, and an authentic Muay Thai experience. Classes are lead by experienced instructors with competitive experience and training and certification in Thailand. More description...

Jiu Jitsu

Starting October 5, 2015 we will be running a Jiu Jitsu program 2 times per week. Here is the description, there is limited seating so please register sooner than later.


Morning Boot Camp - Strength & Conditioning

Good morning! Boost your metabolism first thing, and start the day off feeling energized, focused, and on your way to a strong and healthy mind and body. More description...

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We are Winnipeg's certified Muay Thai training centre fully licensed and educated to teach Muay Thai in accordance with the World Muay Thai Council and the Sports Authority Of Thailand.